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Tag - photoshop

How to master black and white

Black and White

How to master black and white photography Photography by Michele Abriola   The language of black and white has always sparked debates in the world of photography. Thinking in black and white is a bit like approaching a binary language. It is a very particular and sometimes extremely personal way of thinking that is not always easy to understand. Black and white is a philosophy, the right and the wrong, the zero and the one. Often like a sort of…

Cinematic looks with our Lutcollection


Cinematic looks with our LUTCOLLECTION Frames from Fabio Stanzione Films   What is a LUT? Look-Up Tables (LUTs) included in out Lutcollection vol.1, are .CUBE or .3DL files that contains precise mathematical instructions to modify a color with another. When we talk about LUTs we will inevitably enter the world of color grading (not to be confused with the color correction). LUTs are widely used in post-production of video files to replicate or generate specific looks and hence change the…